Tacit Knowledge, 2013

Tacit Knowledge reflects upon the built environment of Phoenix, Arizona through the use of digital media. Comprised of audio and video captured during the Futurescapes walking tour led by members of the Arizona State University Center for Nanotechnology in Society, the work examines issues of transportation, water and energy use, and cultural exchange through the process of looking and listening. Utilizing--in addition to portable media capture devices--custom software, a custom-built binaural microphone headset, and an induction coil (used to sonify electromagnetic waves), an audiovisual composition arises that balances incidental encounters within public space with the structured narrative of a walking tour.

Highlanders' Return, 2012

best experienced with headphones. Created using software built by the artist using Max for Live (Max/MSP + Ableton Live). driven by generative processes, the software enables a dialogue between sound and video clips, analog and digital, actor and algorithm. the result is stochastic emergences and incidental apparitions. 100% of material is from Prelinger/FMA, 100% in the public domain.